Communications Collaborative Committee

Committee members participate in regular conference calls, periodic in-person meetings and a private listserv to discuss and exchange information and learnings around strategic communications. Grantmakers and philanthropic advisors interested in learning more about The Collaborative and how they can get involved should contact Ami Nagle at or Cema Siegel at

Current members include:

  1. Adam Donaldson, Philanthropy Advisor, Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers
  2. Alexandra Desautels, California Endowment
  3. Amber French, Deputy Director, Media Democracy Fund
  4. Ami Nagle, GIST Co-Director and President, Nagle & Associates
  5. Angie McPhaul, Denver Public Schools (formely with Annie E. Casey Foundation)
  6. Anna Wadia, Senior Program Officer, Inclusive Economies, Ford Foundation
  7. Benita Melton, Program Officer, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  8. Bill Vandenberg, Program Director, Democracy Fund, Open SocietyFoundations - U.S. Programs
  9. Bob Uyeki, Executive Director, Y & H Soda Foundation
  10. Caitlin Shaw Hamood, Program Assistant, Mott Philanthropic
  11. Cassandra McKee, Program Officer, Wellspring Advisors
  12. Cema Siegel, GIST Co-Director, Nagle & Associates
  13. Claudia Williams, Research and Evaluation Program Officer, Washington Area Women's Foundation
  14. Cuong Hoang, Director of Programs, Mott Philanthropic
  15. Dana Linnane, Policy Communications Manager, WK Kellogg Foundation
  16. Frank Phoenix, Fenwick Foundation
  17. Guillermina Hernandez-Gallegos, Program Director, The Kresge Foundation
  18. Helen Neuborne, Director, Quality Employment, Ford Foundation
  19. Ianna Kachoris, Program Officer, The MacArthur Foundation
  20. Jann Jackson, Senior Associate, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  21. Jean Ross, Program Officer, Government Transparency and Accountability, Ford Foundation
  22. Jennifer Phillips, Consultant, Workforce Matters
  23. Joseph Voeller, Communications Officer, Ford Foundation
  24. Katayoon Majd, Program Officer, Public Welfare Foundation
  25. Kimberly Schmitt, Communications Manager, Texas Access to Justice Foundation
  26. Laine Romero- Alston, Program Officer , Quality Employment Ford Foundation
  27. Lauren Stillwell, Program Officer, Washington Area Women's Foundation
  28. Lynda Parmely, Program Director, Hagedorn Foundation
  29. Mandy Van Deven, Communications Officer, Foundation for a Just Society
  30. Marissa Nuvayestewa, Capacity Building Director, The Hopi Foundation
  31. Marliee del Pra, Program Director, Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust
  32. Marta Conner, Program Officer, Wellspring Advisors
  33. Melanie Gillespie, Executive Director at Foundation for Healthy Generations
  34. Michelle Prichard, Director, Common Agenda, Liberty Hill Foundation
  35. Mike Laracy, Director, Policy Reform & Advocacy, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  36. Norris West, Director of Strategic Communications, Annie E. Casey Foundation
  37. Osula Rushing, Vice President for Program and Strategy, Grantmakers in Health
  38. Paula Sammons, Program Officer, WK Kellogg Foundation
  39. Regan Gruber Moffitt, Senior Associate for Public Policy, The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
  40. Robert Shull, Program Officer, Workers' Rights, Public Welfare Foundation
  41. Rubie Coles, Associate Director/Program Director, Economic Justice, The Moriah Fund
  42. Sandra Ambrozy, Senior Program Officer, The Kresge Foundation
  43. Sapna Mehta, Program Analyst, Ford Foundation
  44. Sarah Griffen, Consultant, Annie E. Casey Foundation
  45. Shelley-Waters Boots, Senior Consultant, Annie E. Casey Foundation
  46. Tess Byars, Program Coordinator, Wellspring Advisors, Inc.