EITC Rapid Response Fund

The EITC Rapid Response Fund (RRF) was developed as a rapid response fund mechanism to facilitate the quick dissemination of targeted funds to state groups engaged in key communications battles. Threats to state EITC policies were identified as a focus for the first Rapid Response Fund in 2012. The RRF is guided by an advisory group and administered by GIST and the EITC Funders Network in partnership with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Hatcher Group.  

To date, The RRF has awarded 38 rapid response contracts in 20 states, for a total of $984,000 of support.

Award Year Number of Awards Total Amount Awarded State Awarded Funds
$67,000 Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Washington
$112,000 Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Vermont
$250,000 Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine North Carolina, New Mexico, Rhode Island, *Utah, Virginia
$150,000 Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Montana
$180,000 Kansas, Maryland, *Missouri, Hawaii
$105,000 Michigan, Montana, Hawaii
$120,000 Utah, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana

*awarded two contracts in same year

Evaluation: In 2016, the fund hired two consultants to conduct an evaluation of the RRF and PDF. Evaluation activities include document reviews, awardee surveys and interviews, group data collection at convening(s), funder and leadership team interviews, awardee coaching on data collection, awardee capacity assessments, surveys of a subset of awardees’ peers/partners, funding landscape analysis, and in-depth case studies. The evaluation began in Summer 2016 and will conclude in December 2017. See RRF evaluation outcomes and lessons learned here.


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