EITC Campaign Fund

The EITC Campaign Fund (EITC CF) was established in 2017 and focuses on supporting a year-long effort where a window of opportunity to promote or defend a state EITC seems urgent.  Awards are made in the early Fall and range from $30,000-$50,000.

To date $150,000 has been awarded to three state networks in Campaign Funds.

Award Year Award Amount State
2017-2018 $50,000 Missouri
2017-2018 $50,000 Oklahoma
2017-2018 $50,000 Washington

Missouri: The Missouri Budget Project (MBP) is working to pass a state EITC. The MBP will use this award to continue to build and convene the EITC Coalition throughout 2018 and will foster coalition partners to conduct outreach, strategic communications and advocacy to both further increase awareness of the issue and engage more Missourians in support of a Missouri EITC.

Oklahoma: The Oklahoma Policy Institute is working to restore the refundability of their state EITC (refundability was eliminated in 2016) and will use this award to support a coordinated communications campaign and coalition building efforts.

Washington: The Washington State Budget & Policy Center is working to fully fund the Working Families Tax Rebate (WFTR) – Washington state’s version of the federal EITC. This award will be used to support grassroots campaigns as well as policy, advocacy, and communications efforts, including some paid communications to highlight the WFTR’s benefits as part of a comprehensive package to make our state’s revenue system more progressive.