Communications Collaborative Webinar

Why A Strong Public Sector is Important to Philanthropy
June 5, 2012
From 2:00-3:00PM ET

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The recent recession and slow recovery has left the economy weak and many families struggling to make ends meet. States continue to face historically difficult fiscal challenges and the ongoing national debate over debt, deficit reduction and budget and tax decisions means that federal and state governments may continue to face substantial cuts to crucial public services. In this current environment, the role of the public sector is being denigrated, with inevitable (negative) ripple effects into the philanthropic sector and the services to children and families that they support. Supporting adequate public resources to meet the needs of families and communities is essential to ensure the best outcomes for the specific issues with which we are concerned. Grantmakers have an unprecedented opportunity to build the capacity of policy and advocacy networks to utilize a cross-sector, values-centered message framework to support positive, long-term outcomes for families and communities.

This webinar was sponsored by the Communications Collaborative, a project of GIST, GCYF and GIH. The webinar examined why philanthropy should care about a healthy public sector, the current research on effective messaging on the essential role of government and how it connects to a broad array of issues areas, with specific examples of effective messaging from the field. It also provided a set of recommendations for how grantmakers can get involved.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jann Jackson - Senior Associate, Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Patrick Bresette - Director of Programs, Public Works
  • Christine Sinatra -Communications Director, Texans Care for Children
  • Mimi Garcia - Director of Healthcare Organizing, Engage Texas