National Narrative Alignment

The Communications Collaborative continues to support member interest and activities in the alignment and promotion of the use of larger narratives that seek to promote a healthy public sector and economic opportunity for all on the national, state, and local level as an under girding to a variety of human service, education and low-wage worker issues.

Recent activities and events include:

  • Co-sponsored a meeting on unifying national narratives, where a small group of practitioners and funders engaged in narrative work joined together to determine the degree of agreement and alignment, as well as any important differences on the shared themes of a commonly shared progressive narrative and explored ideas for strengthening collaboration and changing practice in the field.  This meeting built off the convening on the importance of narrrative as a tool for social change. (May 2014)
  • Co-sponsored a meeting on the what and why of narrative - a powerful tool for socialchange - where funders gathered for a discussion on the essential elements of narrative, current narratives in practice, and critical issues around narrative, and how funders can advance narrative work. (September 2013)
  • Hosted a webinar on aligning our national narratives during an election year and beyond, to share the basic tenets of larger narratives and communications efforts around government and the economy and to provide funders and state policy and advocacy networks access to the information and tools available to support their work. (October 2012)
  • Hosted a webinar on coming together around a national narrative to help charitable foundations and the field understand what a narrative is and how it relates to other communications devices and strategies, what key communications partners are exploring and learning, and the work ahead. (January 2012)

Resource Materials: