2018 Election Series Webinars

Starting in October 2017 and running through 2018, GIST has joined together with the Funders' Committee for Civic Participation and other affinity group partners to co-sponsor a series of webinars to help funders unpack the key issues at play in the midterm elections. This series will provide a space for peer discussion around funding priorities, and it will connect grantmakers across a wide range of issue and strategic focuses.

Please email asinha@funderscommittee.org to access the webinar recording links.

2018 Election Series: Pathways to Effective State Funding Strategies
Monday, December 4th, 3-4 ET | 2-3 CT | 1-2 MT | 12-1 PT

In November, elections around the country provided us with some of our first insights into how voters are responding after a year of political polarization and deep divisions. Join us for this December First Monday + Election Series Discussion for a debrief on the 2017 elections and and what we can learn from the results to help inform our work as we look towards 2018. In this conversation, we will:

  • Hear perspectives and see initial data on who turned out for the 2017 elections
  • Learn which issues were salient to voters in the 2017 elections and how those have shifted since 2016.
  • Review coordinating efforts by both funders and organizations that led to strong infrastructure and partnerships, and how to continue to invest in deep coordination at the state level through 2018.
  • Discuss the surge in non-traditional demographics running for office and what that means for work moving forward.
  • Learn what lessons were learned from 2017 which can help inform work moving into the 2018 elections.
Moderated by Geri Mannion, Carnegie Corporation of New York [bio]

  • Adrianne Shropshire, BlackPAC [bio]
  • Matt Barreto, Latino Decisions [bio]
  • Kelly Beadle, Virginia Plus [bio]

2018 Election Series: Voting Trends + Building Power in the AAPI Community
Monday, November 6th | 3 - 4 PM ET | 2 -3 PM CT | 1 - 2 PM MT | 12 - 1 PM PT

The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community will enter 2018 with significant growth in their engagement in elections as the fastest growing population in the country, continuing a strong trend in increased turnout, and a record of seventeen AAPI Members of Congress now serving in office. Despite this growth, participation by communities of color in midterm elections have remained disproportionately low in past cycles and, with a political climate fueled by hate and xenophobia, the need for targeted and robust strategies to engage AAPI communities continues to be a priority. Join us for a discussion with FCCP and our Election Series Partners where you will hear:

  • How recent data from the 2016 elections provides new insights into trends in turnout and voter registration within the AAPI community.
  • What tactics are being employed by leaders in the field around effective engagement within the diverse AAPI community.
  • What key questions and considerations funders should be considering when looking at election-cycle grantmaking that can promote increased engagement in the 2018 elections as well as supporting longer-term power-building strategies.
  • Questions and ideas that other funders are grappling with from their grantmaking to support the AAPI community.

Moderated by EunSook Lee, AAPI Civic Engagement Fund [bio]


  • Christina Coloroso, Catalist [bio]
  • Stephanie Cho, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta [bio]
  • Taeku Lee, University of California, Berkeley [bio]

2018 Election Series: The 2018 Elections and Nonpartisan Grantmaking
Monday, October 2nd | 3 - 4 PM ET | 2 -3 PM CT | 1 - 2 PM MT | 12 - 1 PM PT

Join us and our affinity group partners for a discussion around the political and funding landscape which funders can expect to see in the 2018 Elections. We will have an opportunity to hear from key leaders around their thinking on the demographic, voting, and funding trends that will shape our work in 2018 as well as ideas on how funders can best structure their investments to maximize their impact in an election-year. As part of this discussion, you will receive:

  • A mapping overview of the 2018 Elections highlighting key races which may impact spending in different states.
  • Insights into who turns out for Midterm Elections historically and demographic data relevant to understanding the make-up of the voting age population in 2018.
  • Perspectives on election-year best practices for Philanthropy to consider when identifying grantmaking strategies which will be supportive of grantees being successful in 2018 and in building power + capacity for the long-term.
  • Information on what the funding landscape may look like in 2018 and how that may impact your own strategies. 

Moderated by Daaiyah Bilal-Threats, National Education Association


  • Anne Johnson, Grassroots Solutions
  • Tram Nguyen, Virginia New Majority
  • Brandon Davis, GPS Impact