11th Annual Budget and Tax Briefing for Grantmakers

The Role of Government and Philanthropy in Reducing Poverty
and Inequality and Restoring Social Mobility

February 27-28, 2014
Washington, DC

During this meeting grantmakers learned about and discussed pressing federal and state budget and tax issues, their impact on supports and services for children, youth and families, and what government and philanthropy can accomplish to reduce poverty, close the income gap and improve social mobility.


Click here to view webcasts of the following sessions:

  • Key Note Address:  Federal Budget and Tax Outlook for FY 2015: Noted tax and budget policy expert Bob Green stein provides an overview on the key provisions in the federal budget; discusses current and upcoming budget debates and battles; and offers insights on shifts in the political and economic landscapes that may affect these debates.
  • How Do State Budget Choices Affect Poverty and Inequality? A panel of experts provide a brief overview on fiscal trends across the states, with a focus on key battles that will have a significant impact on poverty and inequality, including Medicaid, taxes, education, and wages and working conditions.
  • The 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty: Moving the Needle on Cutting Poverty and Creating Greater Economic Opportunity: A panel of experts share lessons learned on what works from the wars on poverty in both the US and UK; explore the current public and political appetite for addressing poverty and opportunity; and discuss how innovations, such as the supplemental poverty measure, are changing the national debate.

Power Point Presentations: