Moving the Persuadable Middle: Lessons from the Colorado Narrative Project

GIST/GCYF/GIH Communications Collaborative Webiar
January 27, 2015, 12:00-1:00pm ET

The Colorado Narrative Project recently conducted research to begin to identify the key values that are most prominent among the "persuadable middle" and to better understand how to communicate progressive ideas in ways that resonate with a broader segment of the population. The research focused on "the middle" - people who are not strict partisans and who are important to building a majority of support on a variety of issue that are: 1) generally consider core to a progressive agenda; 2) tend to continually dominate discourse on public policy in Colorado. The research included an over-sample of Latinos because of the size and impact of Latinos in forming a center-left majority on key issues. 

This webinar included a review of the research findings and discussion about its implications for moving research to practice.   For more information on the Colorado Narrative Project, please contact Denise Whinnen, Director, Colorado Progressive Strategies, Gill Foundation at


  • Cuong Hoang, Stoneman Family Foundation
  • Bobby Clark, Gill Foundation
  • Amy Levin, Benenson Strategy Group