Making Waves: Philanthropy, Communications Investments and Creating Change


November 2-3, 2015
FHI 360, Academy Hall, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC

  1. Sandra Ambrozy, Senior Program Officer, The Kresge Foundation
  2. Leslie Boissiere, Senior Fellow, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  3. Beverly Buck, Trustee, Aloha Foundation
  4. Tess Byars, Program Associate, Wellspring Advisors
  5. Dennis Campa, Associate Director, State Policy Reform & Advocacy, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  6. Diane Camper, Communications Officer, Public Welfare Foundation
  7. Rubie Coles, Deputy Director, Moriah Fund
  8. Marta Conner, Program Director, Wellspring Advisors LLC
  9. Nicole Cozier, Chief Operating Officer, Washington Area Women's Foundation
  10. Marilee Dal Pra, Vice President of Programs, Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust
  11. Jennifer Farland, Communications Manager, Asset Funders Network
  12. Lisa Hamilton, Vice President of External Affairs, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  13. Caitlin Hamood, Program Officer, Stoneman Family Foundation
  14. Cuong Hoang, Director of Programs, Mott Philanthropic
  15. Bonnie Howard, Director of National Partnerships, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  16. Jann Jackson, Senior Associate, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  17. LaShawn Jefferson, Program Officer, Ford Foundation
  18. Kevin Jennings, Executive Director, Arcus Foundation
  19. Kit Judge, Senior Associate, The Annie E Casey Foundation
  20. Michael Laracy, Director, Policy and Advocacy Reform, The Annie E Casey Foundation
  21. Annika Little, Strategic Programs Manager, Asset Funders Network
  22. Katayoon Majd, Program Officer, Juvenile Justice, Public Welfare Foundation
  23. Mary McClymont, President, Public Welfare Foundation
  24. Ami Nagle, Co-Director, GIST
  25. Helen Neuborne, Director, Quality Employment, Ford Foundation
  26. Lynda Parmely, Program Director, Hagedorn Foundation
  27. Erica Pelletreau, Strategic Communications, Ford Foundation
  28. Laine Romero-Alston, Program Officer, Ford Foundation
  29. Jean Ross, Program Officer, Ford Foundation
  30. Liane Rozzell, Senior Policy Associate, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  31. Jesse Salazar, Vice President of Communications, Council on Foundations
  32. Desirae Sarabia, Investment Associate, Gary Community Investments/Piton Foundation
  33. Bob Shull, Program Officer, Workers' Rights, Public Welfare Foundation
  34. Cema Siegel, Co-Director, GIST
  35. Lauren Stillwell Patterson, Senior Program Officer, Washington Area Women's Foundation
  36. Mandy Van Deven, Communications Officer, Foundation for a Just Society
  37. Shelley Waters Boots, Senior Consultant, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Wellspring Advisors
  38. Claudia Williams, Research and Evaluation Program Officer, Washington Area Women's Foundation
  39. Jessica Zetzman, Communications and Grants Manager, Washington Area Women's Foundation