2016 Post-Election Briefing: Politics, Policy and Philanthropy 

November 16-17, 2016
Washington, DC

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The 2016 elections are a sign of changing times--in terms of political participation, dialog on the direction of the country, and directions for social and economic policy. Assessing the new environment in the aftermath of the election and identifying new windows of opportunity to work strategically and collaboratively will be essential to advancing the work of philanthropy and improving the lives of low-income families, workers and communities.  This meeting will include sessions on:

  • Election outcomes and what it suggests in terms of opportunities and challenges facing families and communities across the nation; 
  • Breakout discussions sponsored by GIST, Workforce Matters, Funders for a Just Economy and the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative on what this means for our work as funders;
  • Philanthropic efforts underway to help shape the policy agenda of the new Administration and Congress; 
  • Media game changers in the elections and implications of the changing news media landscape for our economic security and justice work; and 
  • New research on communicating effectively about American values and aspirations and changing the national narrative to support broadly shared prosperity and opportunity for all. 

PowerPoint Presentations

What Happened in the 2016 Election? - Understanding the Presidential Race and Losses Down the Ballot
Analyzing the Impacts of Turnout, the Economy, Change, Racism, and Sexism, by Celinda Lake, Lake Research Partners.

Ballot Measures in the New Political Reality by Justine Sarver, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center Foundation - This PowerPoint presentation is available in the password protected members area of this web site (under meeting resources). Not a member? Join GIST (it's free!). Contact Cema Siegel at csiegel@gistfunders.org for more details.

American Aspirations: Insights and Ideas for a Narrative about Shared Prosperity and Opportunity for All by Doug Hattaway, Hattaway Communications - To view this PowerPoint presentation contact Pete Tontillo, Research Associate, Hattaway Communications at ptontillo@hattaway.com.

Sponsored by the Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce,
with Breakout Session Co-Sponsors: 

Early Childhood Funders Collaborative
Funders for a Just Economy
Workforce Matters