2018 Post-Election Briefing

2018 Post-Election Briefing for Grantmakers: Philanthropy at the Crossroads
November 27, 2018 | 9:00-5:30pm

FHI 360, Academy Hall, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC

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November 27, 2018

8:30am Breakfast
9:00am  Welcome and Introductions


Philanthropy's Road Forward
Foundations play an important role in informing the public debate, stimulating innovation, and supporting research and evaluatin needed to understand the impact of policies and programs. Given the opportunities and challenges before us, how do we as funders, need to show up in this moment?

10:45am Break
11:00am Unpacking the Mid-Term Elections
A panel of experts will explore what the recent elections tell us about political participation, dialog on the direction of the country, and the future of social and economic policy. Participants will also engage in a discussion on implications for philanthropic investments and agendas.

12:30pm  Lunch
1:15pm  Concurrent Breakout Discussions
Several concurrent breakout sessions will be offered to dig deeper on post-election opportunities and challenges and implications for philanthropy. Topics may include:
  • Good Jobs, Supports for Work and the Changing Economy
  • Womens’ Work: Building Economic Security Through Income and Wealth
  • Race, Class and Government: New Narratives on the Economy
  • Attacks on Our Democracy and Immigrant Rights
4:15pm Break
4:30pm  Reflections and Closing Remarks
Participants will share key take-a-ways and consider next steps. What will I do as a grantmaker to incorporate what I have learned? What can we, as philanthropy serving organizations, do to support you?
5:30pm    Adjourn