2018 Post-Election Briefing

2018 Post-Election Briefing for Grantmakers: Philanthropy at the Crossroads
November 27, 2018 | 9:00-5:30pm

FHI 360, Academy Hall, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC

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  1. Paul Beaudet, Executive Director, Wilburforce Foundation
  2. Carter Bell, Program Associate, Rockefeller Family Fund
  3. Kristen Cambell, Executive Director, Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement
  4. Dennis Campa, Interim Director Policy Reform and Advocacy, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  5. Shona Chakravartty, Senior Program Officer, Hill Snowdon Foundation
  6. Heather Chauny, Strategy Advisor, FHI Foundation
  7. Rubie Coles, Deputy Director, Moriah Fund
  8. Sarah Cross, Senior Policy Officer, Open Society Foundations
  9. Maura Cullen, Senior Consultant, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  10. Erin Currier, Program Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  11. Stephanie Davison, Program Officer, Human Services, Kresge Foundation
  12. Jeanne Fekade-Sellassie, Director, Funders for Housing and Opportunity
  13. Page Gleason, Senior Program Officer, State Infrastructure Fund, NEO Philanthropy
  14. Martine Gordon, Program Officer, Washington Area Women's Foundation
  15. Peter Gordon, Associate Director of Government Relations, Council on Foundations
  16. Rebecca Greenberg, Program Officer, Solidago Foundation
  17. Lisa Guide, Associate Director, Rockefeller Family Fund
  18. Caitlin Hamood, Program Officer, Stoneman Family Foundations
  19. Ann Marie Healy, Executive Director, Philadelphia Health Partnership
  20. Margaret Hulbert, Senior Vice President and Chief Public Policy Officer, United Way of Greater Cincinnati
  21. Alejandra IbaƱez, Program Officer, Woods Fund Chicago
  22. Serena Jezior, Associate Director of Public Policy, Council on Foundations
  23. Kit Judge, Senior Associate for Policy Reform and Advocacy, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  24. Surina Khan, CEO, Womens Foundation of California
  25. Sadie Kliner, Program Strategy Consultant, Pivotal Ventures
  26. Michael Laracy, Senior Fellow, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  27. Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat, President and CEO, Washington Area Women's Foundation
  28. Courtney Lundquist, Program Associate, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
  29. Tara Magner, Director, Chicago Commitment, MacArthur Foundation
  30. Cassandra McKeee, Senior Program Officer, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
  31. Ann McMillan, Program Director, Grantmakers In Health
  32. Aaron, Merkin, Senior Specialist, National Education Association
  33. Breechaye Milburn, Program Assistant, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
  34. Mardell Moffett, Executive Director, The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
  35. Ana Montanez, Government Relations Associate, Council on Foundations
  36. Anne Morin, Program Officer, Butler Family Fund
  37. Ami Nagle, Co-Director, Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce
  38. Maggie Osborn, Chief Strategy Officer & Senor Vice President, United Philanthropy Forum
  39. Josh Protas, Vice President of Public Policy, MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger
  40. Ria Pugeda, Senior Program Officer, Consumer Health Foundation
  41. Sonia Quinonez, Northern Virginia Program Director, The Meyer Foundation
  42. Laine Romero-Alston, Team Manager, Open Society Foundations
  43. Jennifer Parrish Taylor, Program Manager, Integrated Voter Engagement, Groundswell Fund
  44. Mayra Peters-Quintero, Program Officer, Ford Foundation
  45. Janet Shenk, Trustee, Arca Foundation
  46. Cema Siegel, Co-Director, Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce
  47. Andrea Silbert, President, Eos Foundation
  48. Laura Speer, Associate Director Policy Reform and Advocacy, The Annie E Casey Foundation
  49. Mary Ann Stein, President, The Moriah Fund
  50. Deidre Swesnik, Program Officer, Open Society Foundations
  51. Cath Thompson, Program Director, Peace and Security Funders Group
  52. Martha Toll, Executive Director, Butler Family Fund
  53. Alexandra Toma, Executive Director, Peace and Security Funders Group
  54. Valeria Treves, Director, LIFT Fund
  55. Anna Wadia, Senior Program Officer, Future of Work, Ford Foundation
  56. Shelley Waters Boots, Senior Consultant, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  57. Terri Wright, Vice President for Program and Community, Meyer Foundation