Communications Collaborative Webinar

Mapping a Strategy for Proactive Tax and Revenue Proposals
October 22, 2014, 2:30-3:30pm ET

Webinar ppt

Tax policy is a particularly challenging arena where the cultural “common sense” works against us, and each state faces unique budget dynamics that often mystify voters. This Topos research effort seeks to uncover cognitive traps, gaps and misperceptions and develop a compelling path forward towards more robust and sustainable revenue. The investigation has two separate elements:

  1. Federal component (funded by the Ford Foundation) which is focused on national tax & revenue debates, with relevance to state-level policy debates; and
  2. State-based component with in-depth research in 4 to 6 states (funded by the Ford Foundation, the Stoneman Family Foundation and in-state funders such as the Brico Fund in Wisconsin) designed to inform active and ongoing campaigns. 

During this webinar, Joseph Grady, co-Founder of the Topos Partnership, shared the goal and design of the research, the specific ideas they are testing, and early results. See recording below.


Note: technical difficulties prevented us from recording the question and answer portion of the call.