How Can Civil Legal Aid Support Effective Grantmaking for Economic and Social Justice?

GIST/NFG Webinar
September 30, 2013

Webinar PPT

This webinar featured funders and grantees who shared practical advice and examples for incorporating legal aid as a strategic tool in your program work.

Featured Speakers:


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What Grantmakers Can Do Now:

  • Identify grantmaking programs that could achieve improved outcomes and reach their goals more efficiently by adding civil legal aid partners.
  • Identify and eliminate unintended barriers that can prevent legal aid providers from becoming grantees and subgrantees.
  • Invite current grantees to investigate collaborations with legal advocates for those they serve.
  • Provide general support for the legal aid groups that serve your own communities.
  • Learn more about legal aid and areas of need by visiting:

For more information, please contact Sarah Joy Albrecht at or (202) 965-1800 ext. 226.